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About Camtronics

Camtronics develops and produces innovative sewer camera systems and opto-mechanical electronics.

In recent years a complete product line of Inspector® systems has been developed and brought to market. These sewer camera systems are being used for the inspection of sewers, air ducts, pipes, ducts, flues, cavity walls, etc. If you have a small space to inspect the Inspector line is the answer for proper analyses. The three principles below set us apart as a company and in our way of work:


Our continuous innovation ensures that our sewer camera systems are fully equipped to deal with the latest needs of an extreme work environment. Our camera systems are therefore an essential part of a high quality inspection and contribute to a quality action plan.

In house R&D and production

Our sewercamera systems are developed and assembled in house which enables us to seamlessly meet the increasing demands of the market. And if needed we can supply innovative solutions for speciality applications.


Of course, it doesn’t stop after purchasing one of our products. Our service and after-sales organisation is renowned for its unsurpassed fast and flexible approach ensuring that you receive the help you need.


Camtronics is located in Son, just north of Eindhoven, centrally located in the Brainport*. Almost all of our high-tech industry suppliers can be found within this region. This way we benefit the most of the knowledge that is present within the region. Because of the location of Eindhoven cities like Düsseldorf, Aachen / Maastricht, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Utrecht are within relatively short reach. Germany and Belgium are certainly known terrain.

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